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Surveillance Systems

Al Faisal for security services is leading direct distributor of security cameras, systems and equipment.

We offer the highest quality security cameras and high definition digital video recorders that include internet and cell phone viewing for your home and business.

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X-Ray Inspection Systems

From our large, dual-view X-Ray systems for pallets and cargo to our vehicle screening systems, and everything in-between.

An innovative and cost-effective solutions for multitude of high-profile security screening environment.

Our support team can craft a perfectly tailored solutions for your operation.

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Road Barriers

Road barriers are used to control unauthorized vehicle or individuals from accessing areas where they are not permitted.

These barriers are fabricated using fine raw material and commonly used for private, public and industrial car parking.

Some of the places utilize road barriers are parking toll gate, goods yard, railway crossing, commercial premises, apartments, hospitals and industrial estates.

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Hydraulic Blockers

An advanced hydraulic technology that serves as a stopping mechanism in access points where there are threats of vehicle attacks or in high profile places and facilities that require a high-level of security.

In the event of a vehicle attack, hydraulic blockers can bring the attacking vehicle to a halt.

Whether it is a small vehicle or a large one these blockers are capable of preventing it from going beyond the access point after damaging their tries and the lower section

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Explosive Detection

For those who work tirelessly to protect the public.
Every day presents a new challenge!

What you will be faced with today? Strange orders? Suspicious packages? Drugs?

You need to have an instrument by your side that can detect the widest range of substances.

Al Faisal for security services has a wide range of detectors which can discover threats from explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemical or narcotic, and can do so in approximately 20 seconds.

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Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are designed to aid security personnel to detect and locate metals that might be concealed by individuals and thus pose a serious threat to safety of individuals and facilities.

These devices can detect different kinds of metal according to its function.

Some metal detectors are produced to detect specific metal material, while others act as general metal detectors.


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Bollards security automatic rising obstacle is designed to protect and control access to sites that are susceptible to attempt break-in.

It can be used on any site where it is wished to create an obstacle to traffic without restricting pedestrian access.
In urban environments, it has the advantage of being completely invisible when lowered.

It is also perfect for controlling vehicle access to pedestrian areas.

The high obstacles have greater impact resistance than the other obstacles in the range.

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Under vehicle inspection system (UVIS)

The under vehicle inspection system is the only inspection system that renders a single, color image of any type of vehicle’s undercarriage.

Our UVIS systems give clear seamless view of the vehicle’s undercarriage, which increases intelligence and security operations.

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