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Outdoor Shooting Ranges

Al Faisal provides the world’s most reliable and totally integrated solutions for outdoor ranges based on LOMAH Target System.

The Plytronic Projectile Location System provides automatic location and plotting of misses and hits by detecting the presence of supersonic rounds passing over or about detecting sensors attached to an intelligent target. In addition to our experience in developing different outdoor ranges for different distances starting 25 m to 600 m and more.

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Indoor Shooting Ranges

Al Faisal helps you to design and implement indoor shooting ranges with all required equipments, taking considerations, safety rules, air conditions, sound systems, target gears and mechanics, etc.

We have engaged with many specialized suppliers to provide complete shooting ranges solutions such as the Swiss company Polytronic.

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Clay Shooting Clubs

Al Faisal for security Services provides all necessary to build, run and manage a Clay shooting clubs.

Therefor we provide studies and blueprints prepared by experts and engineers for the initial stage of the project and we provide management and supervision during the different phases of the project paying extra attention to the aspects of safety and security inside and around the clubs by adhering to the international standards and procedures related to safety and security and by utilizing the latest technology in this field.

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Mock Up Villages

A training areas that resemble cities, urban areas and other locations that affect how tactical operations are conducted which provide training that is as realistic as possible.

These areas contains a wide range of urban and village facilities to simulate realistic neighborhoods, to include:
Residential areas, commercial and industrial facilities and government buildings; a public square, villas, apartment complex.

The villages simulation fir trading, scoring and safety.

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Tank Range

A training area that encompasses a large vast area of land with a variety of targets fixed and mobile.

On these ranges Armor unites would train on different combat tactics and formations in additions to weapons trials.

Armor range is connected to control room which serves as the control unit of different components of the range and to provide all necessary data and reports regarding on-going or completed training.

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Shooting Ranges Protection
  • Armored steel plates (AR500)

  • Anti-Ricochet rubber tiles & blocks.

  • Bullet proof shooting booths.

  • Bullet Traps.

  • Bullet Proof Doors & Windows.

Ballistic Materials:
Al Faisal for security services provides the protection services for various types of shooting ranges which includes consolation, case study, as well as design protection to protect the ranges from the bullets and ricochet caused by different types of weapons and ammunition. Also provides supply and installation of ranges protection materials.

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Training simulators

The main purpose of using training simulator is providing realistic virtual environment for trainee as we provide immersive simulation trainer for law enforcement and civil defense which enables the trainer to structure, conduct, analyze and reinforce operational training in an interactive and highly realistic environment.

Various types of simulation such as:

  • Boats and ships driving simulation.

  • Aircraft driving simulation.

  • Tank driving simulation

  • Combat simulation.

Shooting simulator

A basic to advanced marksmanship, skill building and weapons qualification training software. Includes pre-built environments and custom courses, in both indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as the ability to create and edit your own courses.

Independently scored lanes across single or multiple screens allow for simultaneous marksmanship training, the software simulates wind conditions that would affect the flight trajectory of projectiles.

Reduces the need for a conventional shooting range.
Pr-qualifications and practice can be simulated, bringing trains up to speed prior the final qualifications, saving range time and money, while reducing safety hazards.

Types and features of our shooting simulation:

  1. Laser shooting training

  2. Live fire simulation training (Guns, Rifles, Machine guns).

  3. Possibility to make a special scenarios as per the end user requirement

  4. We provide several simulation training (Marine, Ground Forces, Air Forces).


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